Friday, February 16, 2007

We Walk This Road But Once
By Don Iannone

We come this way but once.
There is no stopping us
once we're here--until
the road we travel ends, and then
a piece of us continues--
on another road
that we can't know--until
the road we're on has ended.
We come this way but once.
It is always the first time--
on whatever road we travel.
It is always the first time--
on whatever road we walk.
Next time we walk a road,
may we be gently reminded
we've walked other roads before.
But on this road,
we shall walk but once.


QUASAR9 said...

Hi Don, and what of Deja Vu
You mean walk this road once in this flesh ...

Strange but you know children start to collect memories, and some in old age lose memories, maybe most of our memory is held on RAM and only certain memory gets stored on ROM ...

and all hard drives can be wiped clean (even absolutely clean) and used again - except of course life moves so fast we expect better and bigger hardrives, faster CPUs and more RAM, each time we buy.

But think for a moment think ...
No, no need to go into past life regression or 'delve' into the past

Just logic - if we are like light (and there is much evidence we are) then we just pass from one place to the next ... why should we be sad when our dog is gone, why be sad when we replace our car and/or move home - and most important of all why be sad when we abandon the shell we once travelled in.

Some Scientists & Physicists decry any idea of a God or Heaven as mumbo jumbo, yet they expect to create holographic images and holo-decks? - virtual reality, that would feel so real (almost lifelike)
Are we not in virtual reality as it is - our real place is as light
flesh is but a passing phase, and all flesh must pass away

Don Iannone said...

Quasar...thanks for your thoughtful comments.

Great insights about the spirit being light. Yes, have heard this notion.

So many takes on our true nature from world religions, and science of course has its own worldview grounded in matter-energy (including light).

Kai C. said...

i drove this road
but only once
looking for peace
© Kai C.

hope u are well too..

starry nights said...

So true Don we pass this road just once.I truly believe in this.

Kuan Gung said...

So true...very nice...

Borut said...

How strange, the way we tread is unique, and yet seems so commonplace at times...!?:)

Don Iannone said...

Thanks Kai, Starry Nights, Borut, and Kuan Gung. Appreciate your visit and your words.

floots said...

beautifully done
a timely reminder somehow

Don Iannone said...

Thanks Floots.

Yeah, just once this road, this personna, this name...just once as we have it now.

Then, there is another time.

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