Sunday, February 18, 2007

Getting Hitched on a Saturday Night
By Don Iannone

Wedding bells ring.
Sacred vows made
on a knee-deep snowy Saturday night.
Two people--you scarcely know
decide to tie the knot, and make legal
what they've already had for some time.
Another instance in life
where there is an affair
you must go to
because someone you know
knows someone you don't know, and
you must go because
someone you don't know
might tell someone else you don't know
that you weren't there.
To my complete chagrin,
it was wonderful party, and
I was glad to be present after all.


Pat Paulk said...

Love it when things like this happen!!

Paul said...

That was funny, which took me by surprise as I was reading - glad it turned out well!

Paul said...

PS Don, just sent an email but looks a bit complicated to get around the spam thing... just wanted to ask you to update my link when you get a chance - I'll be getting you onto my blog roll as soon as I can get sis to get that going. I'm lucky I can operate a blog at all...

Thanks and feel free to delete this non comment - !

formerly "Darius"

polona said...

i'm glad it ended nicely.

trinitystar said...

Alls well ... that ends well.
hugs for you :o)

Hayden said...

Wonderful! I think one of the joys of life is it's utter unpredictability.

dumbdodi said...

Loved exciting

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