Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Snow-Bound Tuesday
By Don Iannone

The winter cares nothing
about whether it is Tuesday,
let alone whether you're cold
and trapped under her heavy wet blankets.
She doesn't mourn your loss of time
due to impassable snow-clogged roads.
Frankly, she does only what she knows how to do,
which is to be winter,
complete with bitter blowing winds, mind-numbing cold,
and deep piles of silencing snow.
Don't blame winter for being true to her nature.
Heed her powerful message: be true to your nature.


Dan said...

Glad you made it home ahead of the storm, and thanks for the poem.

trinitystar said...

Don absolutely beautiful.
As you say in your last line

Heed her powerful message; be true to your nature.
Be thyself. :o)

jel said...

how it going Don, staying warm?

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