Saturday, February 03, 2007

Transported from the Other Side
By Don Iannone

From the other side...
the place where dreams start
as newborn rivers flowing through you,
another reminder is given:
be the mystic that you are.
From the other side...
where emptiness swallows all form,
and where from nothing all somethings arise,
a dream so real unfurls,
like a mythical flag,
waving in the breath of my soul.
A dream so real
I couldn't possibly have made it up.
A dream of how I am...
moving from a secret undercover world
to a transcendental world of spiritual light,
where all secrets and shadows disappear,
and where that which contains finds ending,
and that which is genesis finds new beginning.


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iamnasra said...

from Other side I sank deep in to your words...waving breath of my soul and reciting your poetic thoughts

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