Sunday, February 25, 2007

A Closing Concert on Early Beginnings
By Don Iannone

I am close to having my childhood back
as a long lost part of my life.
There is some pain, but there is for all of us,
in remembering the early hurt parts of ourselves,
which we desperately need
to become all that we are--yes,
to become all that we are.
The early Martins Ferry years came back--
rather unexpectedly, like a full moon
quietly emerging through thick night clouds.
There were re-ignited friendships--
with Dan, Mike and Richard--
boys I knew and still love from Martins Ferry.
Like your first love,
your earliest years are infinitely poetic,
and therefore it's no surprise
there are so many poems
about childhood discoveries, passion, and
living like there is no tomorrow.
There have been magical journeys back
to the native land, where
those who loved most the child I am,
lie in rest, and await the time
when spirits hug again in sweet embrace.
It's not about going back really, rather
it's about drawing into your heart
those early parts of you, helping
you complete your circle of life, and
start over again at a new beginning.


trinitystar said...

There is always such a flow to your writing Don. I am in awe ... I really enjoy the things that you write.
Bless you
Have a wonderful day. :o)

gautami tripathy said...

I am truly blessed for knowing you, don.

polona said...

wonderful, don! i can relate to this since, with some help from a very special person, i have set out on a similar path...

Kai C. said...


Don Iannone said...

Trinitystar, Gautamin, Kai, and Polona...thanks so much for your comments. Much appreciated.

To all: Let you inner child hang out!

Dan said...

How did I miss this one? Thanks for the link, Don. It's really nice! Oh, that was the day i spilled the cup of tea in my laptop...

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