Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A Dying Friend: Trying to Find the Words
By Don Iannone

Our friend Joanne is dying.

It's February 14th, and
she has been dying for a long time.

Please understand that
it is not my job to pronounce, or
predict another's passing.

What do I really know about dying?
My knowledge is strictly theoretical.
You might say...
it's vicariously second-hand.

Cancer takes many of us.
It is ghastly insidious.
Infiltrating us cell by cell, and
like Amazonian piranha,
eventually all is eaten away, leaving nothing.

Cancer is just one of death's ugly paths.
There are many others.
I don't have to name them all.
Like the bodies I saw on stretchers
by the side of the freeway
just a week ago.

On the matter of death,
I am utterly word-bound.
You watch it.
It watches you.
You turn away.
For now, the shroud is not yours.
You go on living.


Kai C. said...

sorry about your friend, :-[

but u know what, she is going to be in a better place.

watching down on you with a big smile.

happy v-day

Dan said...

Happy Valentine's to you and Mary, nonetheless, and all the more...
Enjoy the snow!

trinitystar said...

a >-------<---<@ for you Don

you deserve it.

Thank you for sharing.

Have a wonderful day Living. :o)

QUASAR9 said...

Hi Don,
Living is dying
dying is living

There is living
and there is whatever it may be.
How often we say farewell to those we love - and may see no more - here today and gone the next day

But why should we be sad
Death cannot be that bad
for many living is hard!

In the mean time maybe she'd like a Valentine's Card

Paul said...

Well said way of putting the helplessness and sense of "What can you say - ?"

Driftwood said...

'You watch it.
It watches you.
You turn away.
For now, the shroud is not yours.'

Such an apt description, Don. I have been in that place many times. Come my time ... there will be a sense of familiarty.

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