Sunday, February 11, 2007

Heart Fires Burn Brightly
By Don Iannone

A fire, well-stoked,
burns with tenacity and passion,
like a heart filled with love,
whose embers glow bright red and orange,
casting out the lonely darkness
that for so long cloaked its light.
Find your way--by the fire.
Rest there, as the night passes,
and as you engage the light
and enter finally into its midst.


Hayden said...

for some time I've been obsessed with the cycle of life.... the consuming and the consumed.... mitochondria, bacteria in my gut helping me live, and the bacteria that will eat me when I die. I eat plants and animals: it is right that I will in turn become bread.

Where in this cycle is fire? Fire is an inanimate force that converts energy forms. It isn't life, yet it both eats life and enables life.

Fire is a lovely, wild, untamable force to contemplate. So I shall. Thank you......
If I were born outside of our scientifically-bounded thinking, it would be easy to worship sun and fire.

gautami tripathy said...

I love the colours, the fire and everything in between. You poem juxtaposes everything so well.

Borut said...

A good one! Only, I really find it so hard, to set aside the cloak of my ordinary self, consisting of layers upon layers of relative darkness. Each stupid act, feeling, emotion, though another sheet...!?:)

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

wonderful! Where did you see the fire that gave you this thought?

Don Iannone said...

Hayden...thanks. Fire is one of life's most powerful modalities. Its heat forges us into something new in each moment. It melds and welds us where we need mending. It also burns away all that is no longer important to us.

Gautami...indeed there is a juxtaposition...a couple at that, but in the end there is only the heart's burning desire to love and feel loved.

Borut...I believe all of us struggle with this same cloak to which you refer. The answer is each of us should not struggle, and simply give in to our own perfect true nature with all that it is.

Andrew...the fire was a real one in our living room that roared and spat as we watched the winter sky disappear into night.

Dan said...


polona said...

fire is a powerful force and must be handled with respect and so is love...

Rob said...

Heart(h)warming poem.

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