Monday, February 26, 2007

My Poems are My Friends
By Don Iannone

My poems are my friends.
They tell me things I need to hear, and
to which I am prone not to listen.
They give words to feelings inside, that
otherwise I may not know I have.
They steady me during times of turmoil,
and times when I'm too lost
to find my way.
They remind me of parts of myself
that I've forgotten
and not spoken to in a long, long time.
They help me feel something
for others' pain and suffering,
which too often gets buried deep
beneath my own.
They encourage me to see the world differently--
in ways I'd ordinarily not choose to see it.
They give advice, understanding,
compassion, and wisdom to others--
to many I've never met, or will ever know.
My poems are my friends, and
for their honesty, candor, humor and love,
I honor them with my deepest poetic thanks.


Margie said...

What a wonderful poem Don!
I feel the same way as you do about my poems being my friends!
Thanks for your very special poem!
It means a lot to me!
Oh, thanks for your visit and kind words.
So very nice having you visit again!

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I feel the same about my poems. :)

Borut said...

What a great company!:)

Dan said...

I concur!zzx.,mnb (just testing out my sticky keys down at the bottom of the keyboard...)... Good one, Don!

floots said...

any friend of yours ......
thank you for letting me meet them

QUASAR9 said...

Moving with the words
in between nether worlds
Pain stabbing like swords
in this, not other worlds

Pain & pleasure are more than words
the feeling of moving in between worlds

Paul said...

That's something I've noticed too. I suspect that any kind of sustained reflective writing is not only a matter of expressing ourselves but shaping ourselves.

rdl said...

great stuff!!

Rob said...

It is a privelege to meet your social circle Don.

Don Iannone said...

Thanks all for being so kind to this friend of mine and the others. You, too, are my friends.

polona said...

your friends are my friends... :)
love it, don!

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