Monday, January 01, 2007

Uneventful January 1, 2007
By Don Iannone

Two thousand and seven begins with rain,
a fire in the fireplace, good wine,
and pleasant conversation.
Thoughts stray later in the day
to work and its return tomorrow.
Amibition sleeps a quiet watch,
and thoughts of the mundane drift,
like wispy late night dream clouds,
through my head.
Nothing resolved--
already too many promises made and broken.
Joy ebbs and flows,
between the steady drizzle of rain,
and parched words seeking sentences.
Just another day, falling upon us
moment by moment.


polona said...

i can very much relate to this.
well done, don.
best wishes

Rob said...

This poem conveys a particular feeling very clearly.

Anonymous said...

The feeling eeps through.

Anonymous said...


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