Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Rising Above
By Don Iannone

Spread your wings,
like a bird, or angel,
and fly high above
whatever cares or woes
anchor you to earthly suffering.
Fly away,
and soar,
like the eagle you are
when God lights up your heart,
illuminating all about you.
Rise above all illusions
causing you to drift
from reality's center.
Embrace the you encountered
as all that you're not
falls aside, and
let's the real you sail away.


iamnasra said...

Today morning I was thinking buttleflies ...and here you to big star

jel said...

VERY AWESome!!!!!

how are you?

samuru999 said...

Beautiful poem, Don!


Amalendu said...

Lovely poem Don...

Anonymous said...

I'm sailing!
Thanks, Don!

Kathleen said...

Me Too...! lovely... ahhhh....

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