Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Standing Strong During the Perilous Storm
By Don Iannone

Dreams once again awaken me...
to the truth I must follow.
This time it is an old building toppled
by high winds and ominous dark storm clouds.
The old building is not just any building...
it is the iconic Cleveland Terminal Tower;
built in 1930 and standing 708 feet high.
My observation point is high above,
from the very top of a newer building,
which miraculously withstands the perilous storm.
The old Terminal Tower sways back and forth,
and eventually breaks in half,
causing its top half to crumble and fall to the ground,
exposing the building's frail interiority,
and causing panic by those in the building.
I am stunned, but instantly called
to rescue those trapped
in the fallen building.
I extend myself through
a mysterious arm of the newer building,
to help those trapped
to climb from the fallen Terminal Tower
to the stronger and newer building.
Once all are safe,
I awaken,
remembering the dream,
and feeling something powerful
has taken place inside me.
Something has changed...
perhaps died, and certainly fallen
and arisen anew within me.
The deep heartfelt question
I've carried around for several long months
has been answered:
my new calling is about being
the bridge that I am, and
helping others move
from the old and fallen
to the new and ascending.
Gratitude fills me,
as I ponder this amazing dream,
and ready for the next leg of my journey.


iamnasra said...

Its been hard times...Yet as I know you your persu the light and will lead to you itended path ..the power that reachout within you certainly are your standing feet

Borut said...

Secrets: Twenty-One Years Later Still Holding On, Standing Strong During the Perilous Storm.
Powerful verse. And, yes, what an amazing dream!? Speaks volumes…

Don Iannone said...

Thanks Nasra and Borut.

Dreams are important vehicles for insight and self-understanding. I value them. And when a big one, like this one, comes along, I feel blessed by the universe.

Isn't it amazing how we get exactly what we need in life when we trust the universe to provide for us? Trust with all your heart.

trinitystar said...

Definately dreams are important insights to self understanding ... I do agree with you there Don.
Perhaps we cant save the world ... but those that here now in front of us. Perhaps you are not saving but aiding them to realise their selfworth.
thank you for sharing your dream.

Dan said...

You are a Mighty Bridge, Brother Don, and we're all mighty grateful for it!

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