Friday, January 19, 2007

1,767,187,856 Seconds Old
By Don Iannone

Once a year, you are officially reborn,
and you become a year older,
or at least that day, your birthday,
is the tipping point people seem to remember.
Well, not everyone remembers, but some folks do,
or at least I hope a few do.
Truth is we are reborn in every budding moment,
whether we want to be or not.
Every wave of consciousness
sweeping through you
brings about a new you.
Just think if you needed a social security card,
or a driver's license for all those new yous.
There are 31, 556,926 seconds in a year...
that's a whole lot of new yous.
Imagine how that requirement would increase government spending!
And you thought we were wasting a lot of money
on the George W. Bush War in Iraq.
By the way, GWB was born in New Haven, Connecticut,
and not Texas, as his accent would suggest.
You'd think he'd treat Easterners nicer
because of his place of nativity.
Oh well, today is my birthday,
and it's a cold snowy day here in Cleveland,
matching the weather in little old Martins Ferry,
where I first popped up fifty-six years ago.
That was 1,767,187,856 seconds ago, and yeah I know...
that's a whole lot of new mes!


Pat Paulk said...

Happy birthday Don!! Glad to know you're a little over a year older than me--I mean 36,720,000 and a few odd seconds.

samuru999 said...

Happy, happy birthday Don!
Great poem!
Loved it!

today,on your birthday....
May you have
a song in your heart
a smile on your lips
and nothing but joy
at your finger tips!


Cerebralwaste said...

Happy Birth Day Don! Here's to 56 more!


Don Iannone said...

Thanks Pat, Margie, and Mark.

Margie...thanks for the lovely poetic thoughts.

Anonymous said...

That's not so many seconds when you compare it with the number of dollars we've poured into Iraq, eh? Just think if we'd let the same amount of dollars tick away with Love to those who need it...
And Happy Birthday again, Don!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday, don!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Don :)

Rob said...

Happy Birthday Don.
Once again your relaxed writing style appeals to me.

Kathleen said...

That's Great Don.... hope your Birthday has been Wonder-Full...!

(and ditto what Dan said about the seconds..! :)

Don Iannone said...

My thanks top everyone for the birthday wishes. They are most appreciated. It was a great day...86,400 seconds long. Again that is a whole lot of moments. Each one was spectacular.

Borut said...

Wow, eternities upon eternities of moments of truth in the here and now! Happy birthday, Don!:) I had some great moments on your birthday too. Joining you without knowing it, releasing my judgement too, for an hour or so…, before being engulfed by bright moments!:)

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