Thursday, January 18, 2007

The New You is Ready
By Don Iannone

Is your soul asking you
to turn in a new direction:
one having more light, and
one having more heart?
Is the old you getting in the way
of the new you...
that is trying desperately
to come into being?
Is your day filled with resistance,
causing you to wonder
if you're possessed
by some demonic force?
Do you find yourself...lost,
alone, afraid, and uncertain...
more than you find yourself at peace,
assured, happy, and connected to the universe?
Listen to your soul,
and its message
that you have been reborn,
and the new you is ready.


trinitystar said...

Don, I can relate to this so much. The choice to make ... to listen to my soul. thank you so very much. :o)

Anonymous said...

the birth out of conflict! how true! so well written!

Don Iannone said...

Thanks Trinitystar and Magiceye!

Kathleen said...

Yes! Ready!!!! This is a great one Don!

Hope you are well... and resting!


Anonymous said...

great message here!

Anonymous said...

Ready: prepare, to take aim, to direct or guide.
Thanks, Don!

samuru999 said...

Wonderful poem, Don!
Wonderful message!
Thank you!


Cerebralwaste said...


You truely have a gift for complex poetry. I must admit this poem has given me some lyrical lines to play with and ponder. Are you up for a co writing credit?


Poetry by Kai said...

its brings out a really good message.

Anonymous said...

The new you is present
in every present moment.
How often do we miss
meeting the new you
without a moment's notice!

Don Iannone said...

Thanks everyone.

Tim, you are so right.

Mark, I responded to your email.

Kathleen, thanks. Yes, resting more.

Rob said...

Your poem is gently encouraging.

Pat Paulk said...

I'm ready to slip the new me on, but I haven't one in my size. Love the thoughts in this!!

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

Very wise.

John Ettorre said...

Don, this is one of your loveliest, truest poems yet. It speaks to me on several levels. I've printed it out and taped it near my computer, where I can't help but reflect on it several times a day. What greater impact can one person have on another than that? Better yet, I know it'll be joined soon by another of your poems that I'll like even more. Happy new year to you, my friend.

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