Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Artful Living
By Don Iannone

Life is creative.
We have choices
between the moments
that paint our life canvas.
Leading an artful life
gives life its meaning.
What is art?
It's what we are.
Never perfect,
but always imperfectably ours.
Art is what we make of our lives.
For me...
Poetry is one dimension.
Relationships another.
Work still another.
Even money is art.
Remove the change from your pocket.
Look at it closely.
We make it, so money is also art.
Today is a work of art
we are in the process of creating.
Tomorrow, just a gleam in our eyes,
leaps from the creative depths within us.
Live artfully.
It all means something then.


Pat Paulk said...

Well done Don!! Though some forms of art I prefer to others, but a little more money art would be most welcome!!

trinitystar said...

Love is an Art Don ... learn the art of Love and rest will come easy.
hugs for you
Great words of wisdom for the 2nd day of 2007 ... keep it up!

iamnasra said...

Art takes many form..but I love the idea to live artfully

polona said...

good one, don.
i had to smile at the images though. as you may know we have adopted euro as the official currency as of jan 1, so the money references especially speak to me. :)
all i know now is that there will be a 3 digit (or maybe, just maybe 4) number on my pay list instead of 6 :)

Anonymous said...

Live artfully......I love it! Happy New Year to you!

QUASAR9 said...

"Today is a work of art
we are in the process of creating.
Tomorrow, just a gleam in our eyes,"

Don, Love It. It's where it's at

Kathleen said...

Wow... I really like this one Don... beautifully said!

It's all art... it's all creation...

Thanks... :)

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