Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Avoiding Our Void with Fear
By Don Iannone

What is it that we fear
when we are afraid?
Look closely.
Observe your fear.
My fear is just more mind dust
trying to fill the unfillable void
emptying me into the endless river
beginning and ending nowhere.
Why do we work so hard
to fill the void inside us?
The void stands alone.
It is the only part of us that does.
All else requires something more...
something other that comes before or after.
The void needs nothing; not even you.
Once again, what is it you fear
when you are afraid?


Anonymous said...

Wow again!

Anonymous said...

what is your fear when you are afraid?
i often ask myself that question... thanks for helping me find an answer.

sorry i haven't been around that much lately... rather busy times

Anonymous said...

Jumped here from somewhere but was bumped off the net for a couple minutes and forgot where I was. Have read some of your blog and quite enjoyed it. This particular poem hits home with my own beliefs...your words speak truth with much depth and insight...I will be back again to read more.

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