Thursday, January 25, 2007

Mind Drift at 4:40 AM
By Don Iannone

Sitting in the Phoenix Airport at 4:40 AM,
one's mind is desperately prone to drift
to whatever one's mind can grasp onto,
and at this ungodly hour, that's not much.
No coffee shops are open yet,
and so, no cafe-adreno highs, and
that all too familiar mind-surge that kicks in,
like the second four barrels of an eight-barrel carburetor,
after that first mug of steamy hot coffee.
Are you following me?
I hope so, but don't--
because I'm not going anywhere;
not even with this driveling 4:40 AM poem.
The airport has public WiFi,
and so there is Internet connectivity,
but without coffee, and so
mental connectivity is painfully fuzzy,
with only four hours sleep, and
no coffee to accelerate the synapses needed
to complete sanity circles at 4:40 AM.
What the hell are we doing in Iraq anyway?


Pat Paulk said...

NO COFFEE????? Shut the airport down!! Hope your day improves!!

jel said...

What Pat, Said! :)

and a safe one Too!

samuru999 said...

I think you need your coffee, Don!
I did enjoy the poem!


Anonymous said...

I relate to the mind drift. My mind drifts even during the day time!

Kathleen said...

I feel for you Don... why is that that airports that are open 24 hours, don't have coffee available 24 hrs?... something is so wrong there...! :)

Hope your trip home was a good one...!

Anonymous said...

Verrrry good!!!

Anonymous said...

An amusing piece Don and yet a touch of poignancy in the last line

Jon Cox said...

Wonderful as always! :o)

Don Iannone said...

Thanks all for your comments. Coffee on the plane and even got a first class upgrade.

trinitystar said...

Heck you Americans sure do love your coffee ... morning fix heh?
Strangely enough you did get to write something ... hey Don?
hugs for you :o)

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