Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Awakening to Morning's Dream-Like Reality
By Don Iannone

Stand witness to the morning sun,
as she cuts through
the clutter of dreams
left behind by your spirit
on your still fluffy pillow.
Embrace your new beginning,
as the clouds part,
allowing your heart to rejoice
in the newborn light of daybreak.
Resolve yourself to the reality
that how this day seems to you
flows directly from how you really are.
Appreciate early in this day
that the spirit-spun dreams
left behind on your pillow
may be your best shot at truth,
so long as you awaken to your dreams
before you sleep once again.


Borut said...

Enjoyed your ‘Cosmic Wisdom Encountered by the Fireplace on a Saturday Night: What is the Right Path Rising Above, Awakening to Morning's Dream-Like Reality’. Awareness, transcending, transformation. Also, I’ve bee thinking about your Jupiter in Pisces and my Saturn conjunct Mercury in Scorpio!?:) Watery signs. Mutual understanding…!?:)

Anonymous said...

As well as the beautiful message the delicate serenity this evoked was much enjoyed.

Anonymous said...

Very nice, Don. Another link to AD's message today.

Anonymous said...


Rob said...

Nicely up-beat.

Don Iannone said...

Thanks everyone for your comments. astrology is to your liking, eh? I find it very intriguing.

Dan, I'll check out the AD parallel.

Borut said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
samuru999 said...

Beautiful poem, Don!
I really enjoyed it!
Thank you!


Borut said...

Don, I deleted the comment with my astrological crap. It doesn’t belong on your beautiful poetry blog!:)

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