Thursday, March 25, 2004


Thursday Thought: The Mystery

It is the "mystery" in life that keeps all
of us going. Everyone seeks to know,
and be touched by, the mystery of life
that connects all of us.

That mystery takes us to the deepest
part of our soul. It takes us to regions
of our being that fall outside the bright
lights of everyday life where we spend
our waking hours. The mystery has a
way of disappearing in the full light of
day. It lives in the shadows. It is an ever
so faint image...a fleeting glimpse of
who we are.

Poetry helps me express the mystery
inside myself. For some, it's music, art,
cooking, gardening, feeding a newborn
baby, running, meditating, yoga, and
yes even hearty conversations with
friends and family.

I'm talking about the "creative you."
That is the most "alive" part of who
you are. Say hello to your creative self
today. You won't be disappointed.


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