Wednesday, September 06, 2006

To fully understand this poem, please
click on this link and visit the Headfooters
Art Gallery website.

By Don Iannone

Perfectly imperfect circles,
with gangly arms and legs,
reaching out for love.
Simple ungraceful lines,
each living in a separate world,
on the same page of life.
Freshly poured pallets of color,
spilling over their boundaries,
not unlike the passion and fear
hiding inside all of us.
Obsessive, intricate etchings,
intent upon filling the blind inner emptiness,
suspended somewhere between the heart and mind.
Distorted images of childish joys,
submerged in deep pools of self-abuse and anguish.
Sunny faces hanging
with crooked smiles from dimly-lit buildings.
Puzzling gray paint smears,
hiding the endless inner labyrinths
the artist walks daily in search of sanity.
One-dimensional wild beasts, engorged phalluses, and
simple chairs made from broken branches.
Headfooters, outsider art, raw vision,
all glimpses of reality from imprisoned minds,
all jarring reminders of the fine lines in life for all of us.


rama said...

Simply splendid! Thank you! Have you seen the picture of your earlier incarnation on Dan's blog??!! Best, rama

samuru999 said...

Amazing poem Don!
Thank you!

Don Iannone said...

Rama...thank you. And yes, I saw the picture over at Dan's place. He is TOO much. Good laugh there.

Margie...thank you and glad you enjoyed it.

Outsider art is really amazing. Can you imagine how powerful art is to these folks? I was overwhelmed by it.

Pat Paulk said...

They can be very fine lines from time to time. Love it Don!!

Don Iannone said...

Thanks Pat. Glad you enjoyed the poem.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

Great work! I liked the Headfooters site, too.

Don Iannone said...

Thanks Andrew. The Headfooteers Gallery is an interesting place here in Cleveland.

dumbdodi said...

Hi Don. I don't understand art but I enjoy it tremendously. Every place I go to, I make it to visit the local art centre.
Very nice poem

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