Saturday, September 09, 2006

Short Poetic Breaths
By Don Iannone

more than place
right mindset at the right time.

Like a mirror
art reflects
what lives inside us.

around your pride
your truth lies deeper.

cuts through life
the sharpest razor's edge.


Dan said...

Thanks for all these short ones, Don.

Plus Ultra said...

I could inhale deeply and needed to but I dont want to exhale any of these verses...keep them in so that they will not expire(!!).

_Soulless_ said...

The first, second, and third remind me of the significance of a change of perspective -- the necessity of it even, when life seems to move slow, and then slower... seemingly bringing us nearer to what the fourth 'poetic breath' here refers to. ^_^


QUASAR9 said...

Death cuts thru life???

It's Razor Sharp
but only if flesh
is the only life.

I cannot imagine death
I have no problem with
visualising life of no flesh

Have a Great weekend!

Don Iannone said...

Thanks Dan, Plus Ultra, Soulless, and Quasar

Q...thanks. Yes, and imagine both are illusory, especially what we attach to each. Death of the ego, not necessarily physical death.

Soulless...thanks. Yes, there is a change of perspective in each. That's the beauty of poetry.

Bazza said...

Hi, Don. These are very interesting shorts and some of them could be a take-off point for a longer work. Have tried working within the discipline of haiku?

Rob said...

There are so many ways of describing death and you have found yet another.

samuru999 said...

Thanks for The Short Poetic Breaths
Don... loved all of them!
Have a wonderful weekend!


serenity said...

Actually, I think I'll take this one into my heart today, Don. I am exploring many forms of art creation, and this is simply a beautiful gift I will treasure.

"Like a mirror
art reflects
what lives inside us."

I agree with Bazza....I would love to see you try some Haiku!!!


TheSmokingTongue said...

truly splendid

gautami tripathy said...

mind blowing short verses.

Don Iannone said...

Thanks Gautami, SmokingTongue, Rob, Margie, Bazza, and Serenity. Your wonderful comments are very much appreciated.

Bazza..yes, more could be made of these short are so right.

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