Sunday, September 24, 2006

Full Plate
By Don Iannone

At times,
blessings seem to come
too many at a time.
More than we can really handle.
We wonder why--
as though there is some mystery
to how our life comes to be.
Every intention we put foward
eventually manifests.
Not always exactly as the picture
initially projected by our soul,
but sure enough,
the intention comes into being.
Be careful what you wish for,
the genie may fill your plate.


Dan said...


Rauf said...

blessings are sincere words and wishes Don, shouldn't be too hard to handle. Living up to them is hard indeed.

Angela said...

as always, wonderful pearls of wisdom! Thanks, Don!

samuru999 said...

I really like this poem Don!
Thank you!

Rob said...

I believe most of our wishes are unconscious wishes.
Scary isn't it?

dumbdodi said...

Don, I had a time like that. Lot of initial problems but eventually things falling into place, somehow

polona said...

so true. love it!

starry nights said...

so true. we should be careful what we wish for. love this poem don.

Pat Paulk said...

Let the coming true begin!!!

Poetry by Kai said...

very nice.


QUASAR9 said...

Yep, funny thing appetite

Sometimes a full plate is not enough we still have room for more
Others a full plate is more than we can handle, we don't even have any room left for desert.

However in life a wise man will not take on too much or overfill his plate

And when life does throw too much on your plate, a wise man knows how to pick the best bits and leave the rest ...

It is not wise to scoff the lot, or to attempt to do more than one can, or has time for

Plus Ultra said...

Yes and again you are right...and yes, life is really simple once we learn to get beyond ourselves...there is always more than ourselves!!!!!

serenity said...

Great poem! Full plates, blessings, sometimes overflowing, yes.

Blessings of balance and gratitude.

Anonymous said...

True, when we let our soul speak within its supernal security, then things can manifest themselves, even when they perhaps for the moment don't picture themselves the way our nature still would see it happening.

After all, would Yaacov (Jacob) have anticipated his stay with Laban the way he in nature thought that it would probably happen once he departed from Beer-sheva to Charan, to Laban's house, the brother of Rebeccah, his father's wife, to find him a wife, begetting two wives instead, namely Rachel and Leah, not to mention the dream with the ladder he had in Beth-el?

I wonder!

Don Iannone said...

To all, I give thanks. My blessings to each of you and may your plate overfill with love and kindness.

gautami tripathy said...

Just when you think, it's all bleak and dark, you plate is filled to hilt! I have felt it happening to me.

Don Iannone said...

Thanks all for your comments.

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