Tuesday, April 27, 2004


Letting Go of Fear Meditation
By Don Iannone

Happiness, love, and peace
are my true nature,
Fear, pain, and suffering
get in the way of
my ability to lead
a happy and authentic life,
My life is what it is,
and I accept it
for exactly what it is,
My fear grows
from my lack of faith
in myself and the Universe
to provide for me,
I have the inner strength
to let go of the angst
that troubles my mind and heart,
I have faith in myself,
and trust the power
that truly knows within me,
I release my fear and suffering
and the wants and desires
that underlie them,
In their place,
I receive the abundant
love that exists within the
Universe and within me,
I give thanks for the
peace and tranquility
that exist within me,
I will use this peace
for the benefit of others
I encounter along
my life path today.


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