Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Tuesday Thought: Ideals

I think it is important to have
visions and ideals in life. It's
probably not a very good idea to
be too idealistic in how we live,
but we should have ideals. As a
young boy, I remember having great
dreams of what I would like to
become in life.

Growing up poor in a small
Southeastern Ohio town on the
fringe of Appalachia, my ideals
and dreams motivated me to work
hard, expect more of myself, and
strive to make the most of my life.
I'm glad that I did.

This quote sums up how I have come
to see ideals in my own life:

"Ideals are like stars; you will
not succeed in touching them with
your hands, but like the seafaring
man on the desert of waters, you
choose them as your guides, and
following them, you reach your
destiny." --Carl Schurz

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