Saturday, June 12, 2004

Naked Truth
By Don Iannone

Strip yourself of all that covers your inner truth,
Allow your nakedness to shine brightly,
like the sun bursting forth through the clouds,
Your body hides your heart, and your mind hides your spirit,
Unharness, unshackle, release whatever conceals
the sacred beauty glowing deep inside your being,
Commit to the bare necessities of reality,
You are not the fully clothed emperor,
parading through life in those preposterous robes,
Walk barefoot through the stream of life,
and allow its flow to carry and refresh you,
Forget about packaging yourself
with pretense, pride, and self-righteousness,
Pull off the blankets covering your head while you sleep,
so your dreams can breathe,
Walk the path of unvarnished truth,
The fresh air will blow away your stench.

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