Sunday, June 06, 2004

Prisoners of Thought
By Don Iannone

Our minds are prisons,
Chained to our thoughts,
we are all prisoners
to what we think,
Each idea we hold onto,
no matter how elegant,
is a missed chance
to experience reality,
Imprisoned minds collude
in their desire to control
what really doesn't exist,
Entire worlds are built
upon impermanent ideas seeking
physical and psychic form,
So we create words and numbers,
hoping they help us exist,
All thoughts are dreams,
reflecting what we wish for,
but doesn't exist,
Tonight there is no escape,
I continue dreaming,
Even in my sleep I think,
We are never free so long
as we are thinking-beings,
instead of simply being,
Taking useless pride in our thoughts,
we think we can think
our way into existence,
The truly educated mind
perceives without thinking,
It forgets what others long to remember,
The educated mind doesn't allow thoughts
to stand in the way of reality,
No matter how hard it tries,
this poem misses reality,
It is only a poetic illusion
trying to take form as reality.

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