Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Tuesday Thought: Be Nice to Yourself

"Do something nice for yourself today. Take time to give yourself a special treat.

In order to contribute to life and provide value to others, you must first connect to the value that is within you. To connect with and appreciate that unique inner value, be good to yourself.

Think of the things that feel good, and right, and fulfilling to you. Look past all the superficial things undertaken or acquired only to impress others, and focus on what is sincerely you.

Give yourself the gift of being totally and joyfully you. Let go of your concerns, your worries, your pretenses and anxieties, and truly enjoy the moment you're in.

By being good to yourself, you'll be much better equipped to deal with whatever difficult situations the world sends your way. By being good to yourself, you vastly increase the value you can provide to others.

On a regular basis, take the opportunity to be good to yourself. And it will spur you on to become the best that you can be."

Ralph Marston

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