Friday, March 10, 2006

How We Get There

"The Mystery Schools of antiquity ... gave out deep esoteric knowledge, but at the cost of enormous labor. However, there existed among those teachers certain irresponsible ones who were rash enough to support their endeavors with drugs and poisons in order to give the illusion to their disciples of hastening their flight to the heights. But it is only an illusory push into the superconscious that drugs give; in actuality the mind is brought into a state of trance. By means of his mental powers, from previously received fragmented stimuli, the disciple pieces together completely new pictures which impress him as supercelestial and entirely new. Then people talk of wonderful scenes, preternaturally beautiful colors and fantastic forms. Here lies a great mistake.

Impulsion into spiritual realms can never occur artificially by means of drugs. It can be effected only through selfless spiritual labor, by meditation and prayer.

Source: Drugs and the Effect on the Soul, Lilo Linne, Eclectic Theosophist, June 1971

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