Thursday, September 29, 2005

When I was a child
Laura Markham

When I was a child
I looked at things with such amazement

My perspective was not in dimensions
But rather instead flat and simple
When I was a Child
I would see the colors in the rainbow
My eyes would find a million colors
I would smile and wonder
how come the grass was only green
and unlike the rainbow...
You know those questions that as a
child that always leave you wondering
Like is there a god?
Is there a pot of gold at the end of that
Why is the sky blue?
How come it rains?
So many questions...
And yet as I grew older...
Something came to me...
I realized... that those answers
were never to be told.
I realized that some things Just are.
Like the ocean..
How deep and vast and blue
where it goes on for miles...
and like the sun
hot and colorful, shining so bright...
Like the love a mother gives to her young
Unconditional.. free... and always..
Circumstances allow us to accept that
sometimes things are just that way.
No explanations needed.
when I was a child tho...
you could have never
made me understand

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