Tuesday, September 06, 2005

The art of dreaming...

"Don Juan contended that our world, which we believe to be unique and absolute, is only one in a cluster of consecutive worlds, arranged like the layers of an onion. He asserted that even though we have been energetically conditioned to perceive solely our world, we still have the capability of entering into those other realms, which are as real, unique, absolute and engulfing as our own world is. . . . Believing that our energetic conditioning is correctable, don Juan stated that sorcerers of ancient times developed a set of practices designed to recondition our energetic capabilities to perceive. They called this set of practices the art of dreaming."

--Carlos CastaƱeda, The Art of Dreaming


Anonymous said...

Yes, those other realms are as real and absolute as our world is --which is in fact unreal and not absolute, because, as the 'Tuesday Thought: Suffering' illustrates, all conditioned phenomena, i.e. 'the world(s)', are impermanent and thus cannot bring us the absolute happiness we desire, instead bringing unhappiness as we seek the real in what is unreal. Witness the suffering depicted in 'In the Aftermath of Katrina' above... a.d.

Don Iannone said...

Yessir. Thanks. I see the same thing. The quotes and the pictures are very much connected.

Anonymous Don

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