Thursday, July 07, 2005

Seeing the Black Bear

A black bear showed up in our back yard earlier this week. Ok, that isn't a big deal if you live in the Smokey Mountains, but it is a big deal if you live in a Cleveland, Ohio suburb.

I was delighted to see this wild creature show up. To me, it says that Nature is willing to share a gift with us that we have not seen in this area in at least 100 years or longer.

Some of our neighbors were horrified because this giant creature, who was totally outside their definition of what is possible, appeared before their eyes. On one level, I understand they were frightened. At the same time, I wish that their reaction had been one of astonishment. Some people don't want their world to change. I say "good luck, because change is all we really have."

We should be astonished by life. It makes us appreciate it even more. From my vantage point, I hope Mr. Bear comes back. I don't mind sharing the woods with a bear. After all, that would allow us to answer the question "Does a bear _ _ _ _ in the woods?"

Smile and allow yourself to be astonished on this fine sunny Thursday.

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