Tuesday, May 31, 2005

What Archetypes Are Calling You?

Click on this link and it will take you to an online survey that will help you figure which archetypes seem to play a role in your life. This is really quite insightful!

In case you are interested, Don Iannone is moved most by the "Explorer", "Sage," and "Magician" archetypes.

Archetype = A symbol, usually an image, which recurs often enough in literature to be recognizable as an element of one's literary experience as a whole. Carl Jung used the term "archetype" to refer to the generalized patterns of images that form the world of human representations in recurrent motifs, passing through the history of all culture. Since archetypes are rooted in the collective unconscious, they may be conceived through the psychic activity of any individual, be it in the form of dreams, art works, the ancient monuments of religious activity, or the contemporary images of commercial advertising.


Stormwind said...

Interesting... mine were spread out; Creator was a 5; Caregiver, Magician, Jester, Lover, Explorer and Innocent were all 4's. Perhaps even more interesting were that Ruler and Revolutionary were 1's. All other's were 3's.

I suppose that I do have a strong need "to express my creativity", and the 4's reflect the rest of my life at the moment- "drawn to being altruistic and helping others", "a strong desire to heal or transform people or situations", "want to lighten up.. tired of being overly serious", "attracted by romance, sensuality, intimacy, and love", wanting "to get away from the complexity and conformity of everyday life", and a "a desire for purity, peace, and simplicity". Yup, that sounds a bit like the various parts of me that are important this moment. Keeping them in one sort of whole is sometimes difficult. ;-) Thanks, Don!

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