Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Yielding to Myself
By Don

On foot I hiked across the field,
To no transient pleasure did I yield,
For I must find my heart's desire,
Surely before I do retire,
The sun shines bright upon my head,
In quiet I walk, no word was said,
A clearing comes within my view,
Just then I knew what to do,
I climbed a tree to the perfect place,
And toward the sun I did face,
Younger days rose up inside of me,
For from my tree, I now could see,
A part of me that had been lost,
One I must know at any cost,
Until the sun went down I did sit,
An illuminating fire within had been lit,
Sometimes we need to get away,
And find ourselves in the day,
When darkness fell I headed home,
The sky above a star-filled dome,
On foot I hiked across the field,
Finally, to myself I did yield.

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